We Serve North Carolina

PC Survey
We are able to produce traditional hard copy drawings on paper and/or mylar, and also data on disk in a wide range of software formats, including:

  • AutoCAD DWG & DXF

  • Microstation

  • Moss / MX Site

  • PanTerra

  • PDS

Check Surveys
We can carry out check surveys at various stages of construction. This might be checking the position of boundary fences, site access roads, building foundations or steel columns, or physically checking visibility splays on-site for proposed site entrances, for example. 

Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM)
Our land surveys are surveyed in 3D, which is a computer-generated model of the topography of the site.  We provide contoured plans and 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) on disk.   We create DTMs for most land surveys performed as this is used for the creation of the site contours. We also produce site cross-sections if required.

Flood analysis
The Environment Agency is now consulted on a statutory basis over planning applications where flooding may be an issue because of the significant problems with flooding and the location of developments in recent years.

We can help you find the the information you need for flood analysis, which requires the assessment of flood levels, both historical and future, hydrology, flood defence structures, flood escape routes, mitigation measures and local drainage capacity.

Geographic Information System (GIS)  Data Collection
Using a GIS to store, analyse and display map and database details, we can gather your information and provide a comprehensive database on features such as street furniture, road markings, rail inventories/highways etc. There is no restriction on the amount or type of information that can be included.